Real Estate Licesne Kit<br>Audio CD's

Exam Prep Materials include; A Complete Testing Manual, Easy to Understand Fast Facts Sheets, 16 Focused Study Guides Practice Tests, 1500 Focused Tests Questions, Real Estate Math w/Formulas & Tips and up to date Practice Questions.

* Real Estate “Principle Book” 600 pages and media as ordered;
* 5-Audio Tapes w/8 hours of Lecture Content
* 7-Audio CD's w/8 hours of Lecture Content
* 4-Video Tapes w/8 hours of Lecture Content
* FREE 1-Audio Tape: "Last Minute Exam Review"

* DRE Approved Exam Processing; Final Exam Packet, DRE Final Exam Grading, DRE Completion Certificate, DRE Issuance, DRE-Record Keeping.

RAKit-CDPrice: $179.00NOW: $159.00

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