Math Review DVD

Math Review (approx. 45 mm.) This lecture is available in both video and audio formats. It reviews Page 3 through Page 8 of most trade books. (See the Video Lecture Checklist for the list of trade courses for which it is recommended.) In some cases, math instruction is already given in the trade lectures themselves (e.g., C-27), so the Math Review lecture is not recommended for those trade courses. It is also not recommended if the math section of the trade manual is incompatible for the Math Review lecture. As trade manuals are revised, new editions will be formatted in a way that is compatible with the Math Review lecture.

Part 1 and Part 2 are completely independent lectures. If a student wants to review math down to the basics, he or she should start with Part 1. If the student has some ability in math but wants to review the more advanced calculations, he or she should start with Part 2.

The Basic Construction Math series is much more comprehensive than the Math Review tape

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