Excavation and Grading Handbook w/DVD<br>
REQUIRED for A1, C12, C34, C42<br>

Excavation and Grading Handbook
PLUS Excavation and Grading DVD
REQUIRED for A1, C12, C34, C42

Chapters Include;

1. Understanding Road Survey Stakes
2. Plan Reading
3. Grade Setting
4. Setting Grade Stakes Using a Contour Plan
5. Grading with Lasers, GPS and Other Specialized Equipment
6. Road Building Equipment
7. Planning for Excavation
8. Excavating Rock
9. Excavating Subdivisions
10. Excavating Commercial Sites
11. Highway Grading and Excavation
12. Widening Rural Roads
13. Building Narrow Embankments
14. Drainage Channels
15. Unsuitable Material
16. Compaction
17. Curb and Sidewalk Grading
18. Preparing Subgrade for Aggregate
19. Aggregate Base
20. Lime-Treated Base
21. Asphalt Paving
22. Trenching and Pipe Laying
23. Trench Shoring, Shields and Sloping
24. Constructing Manholes
25. Underdrains, Culverts and Downdrains

A. Equipment operating tips
B. Glossary
C. Abbreviations
D. Answers to Chapter Questions
E. Index

Excavation & Grading Handbook w/DVD DVDwBook-EGH$42.00

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