C29 Masonry<br>Contractors License KIT<br>Trade Only

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Trade Course Table of Contents

  • (C-29) Masonry Contractor
  • Masonry Contractor Defined
  • Masonry Contractor's Exam
  • Measurement
  • Math
  • Masonry Unit Components
  • Types of Mortar Joint
  • Pattern Bonds
  • Masonry Units and Mortar Joints
  • Grades of Building Brick
  • Masonry Unit Sizes
  • Ingredients of Mortar
  • Types of Mortar Mixes
  • Types of Mortar For Unit Masonry
  • Estimating Masonry Materials
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Types of Arches
  • Building An Elliptical Arch
  • UBC Chapter 24: Masonry
  • UBC Chapter 30: Veneer
  • UBC Chapter 37: Chimneys, Fireplaces, and Barbecues
  • Glossary of Masonry Terms
  • Supplement: Masons' Scaffolds
  • Health and Safety Orders
  • For a more information click (Course Summary)


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